I started Emerging Development Solutions to advance community development with professionals that appreciate the importance of global citizenship for themselves, our clients and the communities we help. We share the core values of:

Authenticity – We are driven to advance equitable development. We don’t fake it because we know what’s at stake, limited resources to invest in development. We learn from our mistakes and we recognize that nobody knows all the answers. That’s why diversity of perspectives is so important.

Competency – We are driven by a pursuit of excellence and mastery of practice. We value professionals that have invested in themselves so they can help others better. We appreciate hard work and merit and we pursue what is grounded in evidence over popularity.

Curiosity – We are driven by questions and our pursuit of understanding. We are reflective practitioners who appreciate that learning is a lifelong journey in a world that is always changing. We also value communication and are willing to do whatever it takes to help our partners understand, even using puppets (and humor) if we need.

We are entrepreneurs, researchers, doers, communicators, designers, change makers, creative problem solvers. We are development professionals.

Partner with us.

Brian English