Border Crossings | Salon Series

In 2019, Emerging Development Solutions will host a series of salon-style events to foster an interdisciplinary network of leaders working on transnational development issues of equity and inclusion in Boston and from Boston. We will explore issues of refugees and migration, climate change, and global health amongst others issues that call us to cross borders of all kinds, geographic, political, cultural, and also our own internal thresholds of courage, creativity and understanding. We are motivated to host these events for many reasons. In an era where populism is dividing us domestically and globally, where provocations overshadow civility, we want to focus on transnational issues and actions that unite us. And in an era of social media and tweets, we want more face time and depth of dialogue that expands our networks and perspectives.

Boston is home to companies, non-profit organization, academic institutions, artists of all kinds, and a progressive city government providing local and global leadership and action on many transnational issues. The intention of these events is to facilitate networks that inspire innovation and action amongst curious, competent and committed leaders, and a place to find common causes and resources to strengthen our impacts. By bringing together multiple disciplines, sectors, and backgrounds, including minority voices, emerging young leaders and artists, we aim to create an intimate space for authentic dialogue enlivened by diverse views.