We create inclusive, comprehensive, and long-term development solutions that tackle issues ranging from chronic poverty to climate change adaptation. To achieve this, we provide multi-disciplinary expertise — economics, engineering, planning, design and business — to deliver integrated solutions that provide enduring development outcomes.

LabourNet Social Enterprise Innovation

We are helping LabourNet continue its journey of expansion in India by supporting their international business development efforts and resources for innovations in their business model. LabourNet is a social enterprise that enables sustainable livelihoods through their three-pronged approach that integrates social and business impact by bridging the gaps in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

India Smart Cities Strategy

The Government of India has set an ambitious plan to create 100 Smart Cities across India. We’re helping a number of clients develop technical solutions to help cities achieve these goals. 

Smart City | Just City Research

For IHC Global, we completed research on how cities can leverage innovations in ICT and the smart cities movement to create more equitable urban development. The research examined opportunities for: citizen engagement and responsive government along with land rights and gender inclusion. Our research also addresses where ICT and smart city initiatives can hinder equity and distract attention from addressing the root causes of inequity.

Global Experiences in Land Readjustment

Our chapter on Inclusive and Participatory Land Readjustment was recently published in a book on Global Experiences in Land Readjustment organized by MIT and published by UN-Habitat. This book examines the processes of designing and implementing land readjustment in the context of developing countries. Land readjustment is an alternative land-assembly approach to government compulsory purchase (often referred to as eminent domain) and voluntary market transaction.

Lebanon Community Service Program

The dramatic increase of population in Lebanon’s North, South and Bekaa regions, as a result of the Syrian refugee crisis, has placed extraordinary pressure on municipalities. In 2018, we met with leadership from 6 municipalities, central government ministries, and a wide range of stakeholders to assess the municipal capacity challenges and opportunities for investment. 

International Non-Profit Strategic Planning

In 2018, we organized a 3-day strategic planning workshop for the senior leadership of an international non-profit organization. We brought together senior leaders of their technical teams and executive office to harmonize their departmental strategies and establish workplans.